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Academic Year 2017-2018 - 10% discount for early registration by 30/07/2017!

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Ulpan Israeli is offering its new academic year, commencing 30 October 2017, to learn Hebrew at an academic level side by side with students from the MASA project.



Classes are held during the academic year with a possibility for a shorter period.



Each student will be assigned to his appropriate classroom according to his level ascertained by an entrance exam.



For more information please contact
Phone- +972 506582868
Email- ulpanisraeli@gmail.com




Hebrew ulpan exclusively for young professionals and students


Immerse yourself in Israeli culture while you learn Hebrew - and gain academic credit points!


Use your Hebrew as you learn

Interact daily with native Hebrew speakers and develop your new language skills in
authentic Israeli settings and situations.


Academic credit points

Gain internationally recognized credit points from the Netanya Academic College upon completion of your Hebrew study course.

Tried and tested teaching methods

Benefit from our years of experience developing and perfecting the most reliable and efficient ways of teaching Hebrew.

ulpan israeli

International student participation

Gain a richer class experience with an international mix of ulpan participants.

Organized social events

Enjoy field trips and parties together with other young Israeli professionals and academics studying at the college (during academic year).


*Upon entry, you will take an exam to determine your correct Hebrew level class. Special arrangements can be made for students to join mid-term if their level of Hebrew is suitable.


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About Ulpan Israeli

Ulpan Israeli is a leading Hebrew instruction institute in Israel, known for its highly qualified staff and proven teaching methods. We provide specialized courses for groups and individuals from absolute beginners to high-level professional business Hebrew. Our home base is at the Netanya Academic College and we also run Hebrew study programs at the Gvahim Institute, as well as the prestigious MASA project managed by the Jewish Agency and the Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs.

Our courses

Ulpan Israeli is an international center for Hebrew language instruction, providing an experience that combines the study of Hebrew with Israeli cultural immersion. All our study programs are developed for optimal language acquisition and a strengthened connection to Israel.

The programs are built to suit the needs of singles, young professionals, businessmen, and local immigrants who are interested in a high-quality learning environment. Programs range from full-emersion courses with academic credits and on-campus accommodation, to customized classes conducted at your own location. Our courses are designed for groups and individuals from absolute beginners to advanced level Hebrew.

Hebrew instruction is not confined to the campus classroom but integrated into cultural events and field trips. From chocolate workshops in a pastoral village to tours of Tel Aviv nightlife, different locations and settings are used for presenting Hebrew instruction and providing an authentic Israeli experience.

The campus

Ulpan Israeli is situated in the center of Israel on the campus of the Natanya Academic College. Please visit the Netanya Academic College website for more details about the campus, on-site student accommodation, and other amenities available to students. http://www.netanya.ac.il/englishSite

Netanya is considered one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Israel with fabulous beaches, wild cliffs, rare nature reserves and green parks. Scuba diving surfing and gliding are available at the main beach. The city boasts many entertainment, culture and leisure centers as well as various outdoor events and festivals that are held during summer and open to the public. You will find many exciting opportunities to chat with locals and practice your Hebrew.

The academic team

Ulpan Israeli was founded by Mrs. Frida Fisher, who has a vast amount of experience managing and designing Hebrew language programs and curriculums. She and her dedicated team of academic staff have been working together for more than 15 years providing the highest standard of Hebrew instruction, while always fine-tuning and improving the curriculum to suit the changing needs of the times. Mrs Fisher has also established E-learning and audio learning centers.


Frida Fisher-Director

Frida Fisher ulpan israeliMrs. Fisher earned her Bachelors of Arts in Education and Masters of Arts in Jewish Philosophy from Bar-Ilan University. She has a vast amount of experience in the field of education. Mrs. Frida was the director of Ulpan Akiva between the years of 1999-2009.
She strongly believes that Hebrew is best learned in Israel and strives to provide her students with the opportunity to learn Hebrew through close encounters with the Israeli culture.



Osnat Efrati

Osnat EfratiOsnat EfratiMrs. Efrati is a graduate of Levinsky College in Tel Aviv and has completed addtional courses in Hebrew Linguistics at Bar Ilan University. She has over 35 years of teaching experience, years of experience teaching in ulpans, and 6 years of experiece teaching at Ulpan Akiva in Netanya. Mrs. Efrati teaches her material in an interesting, varied, and fun manner, while connecting learning Hebrew to the Israeli cultural experience.



Dafna Cohen

Dafns CohenDafna CohenMrs. Cohen earned her Bachelors of Arts in Hebrew and Biblical Studies from Bar Ilan University. She taught at Ulpan Akiva for 11 years before joining Ulpan Israeli. Mrs. Cohen places great emphasis on Jewish and Israeli culture. She brings to life the linkage between contemporary modifications of Hebrew and the language's historical origins. This enables the student to experience Hebrew's evolution.





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